Wide Size L Sealers


Packaging solutions for medium volume of production, for large scale products
Individual L sealer to be connected to any potential heat shrink tunnel,
Conveyors for automated discharge, and up/down adjustment with horizontal position
Automatic hood control with timer,
Digital control panel available with different languages,
Intelligent sealing principal with controlled heating power for each cycle.
Perforators to open micro holes on the film,
Spring controlled seal bar side plates for perfect sealing quality
Pneumatic auto-close system*,
Hand button-activated cycle operation
Finger protection system with sensor control,
Optional trim winder,
ISO 9001 quality standard with the relevant norm’s confirmations
CE marking
Manufacturer’s guarantee for spare part stock and after sales support.
One year warranty on non-wearable parts


Sealer Bar Opening : 250 mm
Maximum Capacity : 4 – 6 pack/min
Maximum Product Height : 245 mm
Maximum Roll Diameter : 250 mm
Working Height : 860 mm
Compr. Air Supply : 4 – 6 Bar
Film Types:POF : 7-37 micron PVC : 15 – 25 micron
 Color : Light Grey + RAL7035

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